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The town of Cesenatico

The town of Cesenatico

A typical seaside resort

Cesenatico is a characteristic place of the coast that combines history, culture and good living. In the small historic center you can still breathe the atmosphere of the old fishing village, between the canal port designed by Leonardo Da Vinci and the alleys where you can find museums, restaurants, markets and charming clubs. The ancient center is the right place for a relaxing walk and the beach is perfect for relaxation, the hinterland lends itself to food and wine tours and cycling tours that start from Cesenatico across the Romagna.

In addition to lovers of fun combined with culture and good food, Cesenatico is the ideal destination for families with children and those seeking services in beaches and quality accommodation.

  • Not to be missed:

• In addition to being a reference for summer bathing tourism, Cesenatico offers characteristic events: “Azzurro come il pesce” (in spring), the “Grande rustida dei pescatori” (14 August) and “Il pesce fa festa” (in autumn).
• Visit the Maritime Museum with its two sections: the floating one in the old canal port, where you can visit the ancient boats “trabaccoli”, and the land, with the history of maritime technology and the exposure of some wrecks of the seventeenth century.
• Listen to the concerts at dawn, which take place on the beach of Cesenatico in summer and are a very romantic and dreamlike experience.
• Go to the Nove Colli, at the end of May, an international cycling race that attracts cyclists and enthusiasts from all over the world to challenge along the roads of the Romagna Apennines.
• Go to the sea at the beach of the tamarisks, a vegetable oasis in Valverde, born from the idea of ​​creating a re-naturalized beach with a low environmental impact, distinguished by the presence of tamarisks (trees and hedges)