The beach of Cesenatico

By staying at the Gioiosa hotel, you will have a discount on the price list at our partner beaches.

The beaches of Cesenatico, like those of the entire Romagna coast, are characterized by fine sand and gently slope into the sea, allowing for pleasant walks in shallow water. The beaches are also equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, games, sports fields and various services.

Along the beach of Cesenatico you will find the new “Giardini al Mare”, a green space equipped with games, paths, and rest areas. A pleasant and safe environment to walk and play in relaxation. The beach, in the central area, is also bordered by a cycle / pedestrian path.

A final note concerns safety: in Cesenatico there are several first aid points on the beach. The fixed positions are located in piazza Costa (Tel. 0547 672970), Ponente area (Tel. 0547 672972) and Villamarina (Tel. 0547 87333).

“Relax, take away any other thoughts from yourself. Let the world around you blur into the indistinct.”

Italo Calvino